Crystal Points

Crystal Points

Crystal Points are the most versatile tools that you can own. They focus and direct energy where you focus your intentions. Crystal Points can be natural, raw or polished, such as generators or pyramids. 

The energies of crystals depend on the type, but every point is a powerhouse of energy. Trust your intuition when choosing your crystal, pick the ones that feel right to you. Below are techniques to use with your Crystal Points. 

  • Purify your space: Clear Quartz, Amethyst or Fluorite points are perfect to purify the energies of a home or office, absorbing stale or low vibrating energies and filling the room with light and high vibrating energies. Your space will feel peaceful and uplifting.  
  • Protection: Using an Amethyst point under your bed and in your car will provide spiritual protection. You can place an Amethyst point in any area that you feel would benefit from higher vibrations.
  • Manifesting: Chose your crystal point, depending on what you wish to manifest. On a New Moon, cleanse and recharge your crystal (this can be as simple as smudging your crystal or holding it under running water for approximately one minute, with the intension that you are cleaning it), then leave on the windowsill, in the morning sun, for no more than 20 minutes (some crystals' colour will fade in the sun). Write your wishes on a piece of paper, fold it towards yourself. Hold your crystal point in your hand and visualize your wishes. Place your crystal point over your folded paper. Every time you walk pass your crystal, visualize your wishes.
  • Crystal Grids: Use a crystal point in the centre of your grid, the center crystal  magnifies and intensifies the energy of your intention and your entire grid.
  • To attract money: Use small crystal points in you wallet, your cash register or your piggy bank at home. Great crystals to attract money are Citrine, Clear Quartz, Amazonite, Tiger's Eye, Malachite, Aventurine and Peridot.
  • Send healing energies: With their permission, using a photograph of the person in question (this can also be done for an animal), place a cleared and charged Clear Quartz Point over the picture using intension (visualize the person/pet healthy and filled with joy. 

Whatever technique you decide to use, you can be sure to find your tool in our collection below.


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