Amazonite Merkaba

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Amazonite Merkaba

Merkaba is ancient Egypt, the literal translation of Merkaba means Mer-rotating fields of light, Ka-spirit, and Ba-soul. One of the Sacred Geometry forms, The Merkaba is believed to achieve transformation on all levels of existence. In Hebrew, Merkabas' meaning is chariot, vehicle for ascension. Merkabas are tetrahedrons, made by the intersection of two, three-sided pyramids. The Merkaba is the geometric shape of the human energy field (or aura) and it is good for spiritual transformation as well as helping to connect with our Higher Selves.

The Merkaba Gemstones form a shield around the holder, balancing our energy centres during meditation, assisting us to reach higher states of consciousness. Thus, expanding our consciousness, allowing us to reach our full potential. 

Amazonite, predominantly sourced from Brazil and Peru, with occurrences in other regions, displays a color spectrum ranging from pale green to dark green and blue-green, often featuring white mottling. Beyond its aesthetic allure, Amazonite harbors notable healing properties, addressing both physical and emotional realms.

Chakra: Throat
Zodiac: Virgo, Gemini
Vibrational Number: 3
Mohs Scale: 6-6.5

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