Blue Tiger's Eye Koala Bear

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Blue Tiger's Eye Koala Bear Figurine

Chatoyancy refers to the soft simmering reflection observed on the surface of the bead when light hits its surface. One can see beautiful silk like bands that move along the bead as it is moved in light. All tiger eye natural stone beads reflect this chatoyancy.

Because of the chatoyancy effect, the blue tiger stone is also referred to as the “Hawk’s Eye”. Blue tiger eye, however, is thought to be the most powerful of the tiger eye stones.

The fact that the blue tiger eye natural stone is also referred to as the “Hawk’s Eye” means that it is associated with focus and eyesight. In the literal sense, blue tiger eye stones are thought to help with poor eye sight and vision, enhancing the ability to focus on objects.

In the deeper spiritual sense, blue tiger eye enables one to focus and look within themselves. It is a stone of intuition and insight and is thought to aid in visualising spiritual and material goals with a greater sense of clarity. One would have the courage to create the visual blueprints of these goals before translating them into the real world through action.

As blue tiger eye allows one to look within themselves without any form of judgement, it provides a deeper insight and awareness about oneself. It is thought to allow one to create an honest inventory of oneself, as to who one is and where they are going in life.

With the acceptance of oneself, it is thought that blue tiger eye stones aid in being honest and full of integrity. As you completely accept yourself and are comfortable in your own skin, accepting all your virtues, you rise to a higher level where there is only room for honesty, integrity and truth.

As with the other tiger eye stones, blue tiger eye reduces stress and anxiety. It is a soothing stone, as with all blue gemstones, that increases calmness in the mind and body. This allows one to “go with the flow” providing a relief from fears, phobias and hot tempers. It is thought to create understanding and provide perspective in chaotic situations. With this kind of inner calmness and peace, it is also thought to increase psychic abilities.

As with the other tiger eye stones, blue tiger eye stones are also thought to be stones of protection. They are thought to protect against the negative energy from others such as jealousy and malice, warding off nightmares and is protective when flying/travelling in mountainous regions.

Height 1.25"

Chakra: Throat
Zodiac: Capricorn
Vibrational Number: 4
Mohs Scale: 6

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