Opalized Quartz Palm Stone

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Opalized Quartz Palm Stone

Opalized Quartz, is also known as Opal Aura Quartz, Girasol Quartz, and Girasol Opal.  Opalized Quartz is a very ancient mineral found in Madagascar and has powerful energies.

This stone can help you feel calm, relaxed, hopeful and optimistic. Opalized Quartz can also amplify your ability to be creative, thoughtful and focused in your life. It brings a sense of balance to the emotions that can increase control over impulsive behaviour. This ability to be in control of your feelings empowers you to clearly think things through and just say no to hasty choices we sometimes regret later.

Metaphysically, Opalized Quartz is a stone of gentle but powerful energy that can enhance and clarify feelings (especially those connected to love and passion), and allows the bearer to look deep within themselves for true feelings. Opalized Quartz is an excellent mineral tool for visualisation, dream paths, and guided direction of energy (such as Reiki).

Opalized Quartz metaphysically enhances communication and will help the user to speak thoughts that otherwise might be difficult to express. It enhances creativity in artists and business people, and it is a powerful healing stone that firmly yet gently enhances healing of spiritual, emotional and physical wounds. This gemstone's unique capability allows it to connect to a user’s energy, cleanse it and circulate it so that self-healing becomes possible and the user is less dependent on outside energy stimulation.

Opalized Quartz supports specific healing processes for diabetes, immune system imbalances, and chronic fatigue syndrome. It is not recommended for crystal layouts, but rather it is recommended that the stone be held by the user to establish the energy connection. This stone is commonly used by healers prior to a healing session to encourage energy flow and healing in clients who are particularly blocked. It is also used effectively in distance healing techniques such as those applied by Reiki practitioners.

An excellent remedy for feeling down is Opalized Quartz. This crystal is a bringer of joy, optimism and hope. Just holding the palm stones in your hands will leave you feeling happier, attracting friends and lovers and strengthens bonds to those already in your life.

Chakra: All
Zodiac: All
Vibrational Number: High
Mohs Scale: 7

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