Coppernite Palm Stone

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Coppernite Palm Stone

Coppernite comes from India, it has a deep black colour with squarish copper flecks embedded within. Coppernite is often confused for Greenland Nuummite, also called Indian Nuummite, or Copperlite.  Coppernite shares, not just similarities with Nuummite such as similar vibrations and properties, but it is more gentle.

Coppernite promotes alignment, strength and spiritual wisdom. It carries a strong masculine energy and is great for relationships especially with paternal figures.

Coppernite assists in circulating stuck/stagnant energies and releasing such from within you. Although Coppernite resonates with the Root Chakra, it also helps align all Chakras. It is known for its ability to bring stability and increase vitality as well as energetic flow.

As with Nuummite, Coppernite strengthens the mental body and offers protection against manipulation.

Chakra: Root

Zodiac: Sagittarius

Vibrational Number: 3

Mohs Scale: 4-5

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