Coral Fossil Heart Palm Stone

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Coral Fossil Heart Palm Stone

Heart-shaped crystals and gemstones are aesthetics works of art.  They are hand-carved from a diverse collection of minerals, crystals, and gemstones that are found in nature. Heart-shaped crystals are typically associated with unconditional love and compassion; perfectly enhanced to promote self-love and love of others. They elevate happiness and endorphins, which give positive feelings to your mind and body. It is also a perfect stone for you as an individual and with your relationship with your lover, family, friends, and even with your acquaintances. It builds connections and growth that are beneficial in the long run.

Most of Coral Fossil comes from Indonesia, it is a natural gemstone that was created when prehistoric skeletons of organic creatures and coral formed through hardening deposits of silica over 20 million years ago. The results are gorgeous stones containing designs of shells and coral that resemble floral patterns. Coral Fossil has been used by sailors for eons as a good luck charm to protect against storms. It is said to promote longevity. Fossil Coral aligns all the Chakras and it stimulates clairaudience abilities. 

In life, this fossil also protects against emotional storms. It has a calming effect that eases the emotional temperament possessed by some. Coral Fossil creates a peaceful aura and thus inner peace. This gemstone is very helpful for the absorption of nutrients, the healing of the stomach and intestines. 

Chakra: All
Zodiac: Pisces
Vibrational Number: 6
Mohs Scale: 7

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