Eudialyte Crystal Skull

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Eudialyte Crystal Skull

Crystal skulls are known for enhancing psychic powers. The vibrational energy that skulls release are believed to be similar to the electromagnetic waves of the brain which are responsible for thought processing. Thus, crystal skulls are recommended for anyone wishing to absorb information or for studying. 

As a meditation tool, a crystal skull works to activate your healing and psychic abilities, help you access the Akashic records and raise your consciousness. Meditating with your crystal skull is as simple as sitting quietly while holding it close to your heart or Third Eye. Take a couple of deep breaths, focus your intention on you skull. See what perceptions come up during your meditation, ask questions, the more you connect with your crystal skull, the more activated it becomes. 

The most prestigious Eudialyte comes out of Greenland, Russia, and Canada, but can also be found in Madagascar and USA.

Eudialyte embodies both the pink ray of the heart and the deeper red ray of the Root chakra, it connects your spirituality with physical existence. An uplifting and energizing stone, Eudialyte brings joy and love to the wearer. An emotional healer, Eudialyte contains Black Tourmaline, thus grounding excess energy, making the wearer feel protected and calm. But, do not let this fool you, it is very much a Heart Chakra opening gemstone. It helps with communication, and creativity. Supporting both beta (creativity) and alpha (clairaudience) brain waves, Eudialyte assists in developing telepathy and ESP.  

A gemstone for the Heart Chakra, it opens the Heart and produces a loving connection to the Root Chakra; providing emotional feelings with physical expression, it can stimulate libido if one wishes to express themselves in this way. It can also be beneficial to help you let go of feelings or of relationships that no longer serve you. Assists you, in recognizing that it has come to an end, in a peaceful way. 

Here are some ideas of what you can do with your Crystal Skull:

  • Studying
  • Meditation is a powerful¬†
  • Automatic writing
  • Dream work
  • Communication with spirit
  • Communication with elementals
  • Accessing past lives
  • Akashic records access
  • Self energy work and of others
  • Crystal grids adds amplification to one's goals
  • Energy changes, to assist you on your spiritual journey
  • Hang out with your skull, and relax

Chakra: Root, Heart
Zodiac: Virgo
Vibrational Number: 3
Mohs Scale: 5-6

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