Feather Agate Palm Stone

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Feather Agate Palm Stone

Feather Agate is a stunning gemstone that is semi-translucent, brown, and black in colour with whiffs of feathery beige inclusions that reminds us of feathers floating in a light breeze. It's rich earthy colours connect you to Mother Earth and quickly calm the mind, encouraging you to stand in the moment.

Feather Agate encourages you to follow your heart and your dreams to better enhance your true life path.  Feather Agate properties include protection and courage, prevents bad dreams and insomnia, alleviates feelings of sadness and gives you strength through spirit. 

Working with Feather Agate offers a passionate connection to the world of spirituality and hope.  It is a great stone for meditation to help you expand your consciousness and encourage you to follow your heart and destiny.  

Using palm stones is one of the easiest ways to enjoy and benefit from the energies of our favorite crystals. Holding a palm stone creates a powerful connection between our being and the crystal's energy. Just holding a palm stone it can give us moments of stillness and calm. When picking a palm stone, try finding its pair, you will get much more use out of a pair of palm stones. Some gemstones and crystals can pair well with others. 

Chakra: Root, Heart, Third Eye, Crown
Zodiac: All
Vibrational Number: n/a
Mohs Scale: 7

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