Fluorescent Opal

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Fluorescent Opal

Fluorescent Opal, also known as Hyalite Opal, is extremely rare and found in small quantities in Nevada, Mexico and Spain. Looking at this specimen with the naked eye does not impress, but when subjected to ultraviolet light, this Opal glows a bright green fluorescence.  

Fluorescent Opal works on all seven Chakras, and work to reprogram the mind, heart, and spirit, enabling major rebirth. And each of these pieces contains orbs within it, enhancing and adding to its wonder and magic! It’s no surprise that this precious mineral resonates with all of the energy centres, creating an inner channel to Source and the higher self. 

Opal is known as the Transformation Stone, largely because of its ties to Greek mythology. It’s said that whenever the gods came down from Mount Olympus, their steps left opal imprints in the mountainside. Opal is thus known as the footprint of the gods, and a prevailing picture of instantaneous transformation – literally from dirt to treasure.

A highly protective stone, opal enhances cosmic consciousness and induces psychic and mystical visions. It stimulates originality and creativity and helps strengthen the will and memory. When working with opal, one must be mindful of his or her emotions, as opal reflects and amplifies the mood of anyone who works with it.

All opals have a high water content and an alternative name for Hyalite Opals is Waterstone so it should not be surprising that this gemstone will have an influence on the body’s water content. It will prevent both water retention and dehydration which will be of great benefit to all bodily functions but will manifest itself most obviously in improvement in the eyes, skin and hair. 

Chakra: All
Zodiac: All
Vibration: High
Mohs Scale: 5.5-6.5

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