Chakra Flow

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Heightens intuition. Fluorite is effective for alleviating headaches. Cleanse often as it absorbs negativity in the surrounding environment. Encourages focus, excellent learning aid, increases concentration, self-confidence and decision making; great for ADD/ADHD. 

To stimulate psychic abilities, make an elixir using the moonlight; wash crystals in dishsoap, rinse well, add the crystals to a clear glass or a bottle/jar of water, and leave on a windowsill overnight. To ingest, add a tablespoon or so to a glass of water and drink (dilution makes elixir stronger), refrigerate the rest. May take once or more a day. 

Chakra: Third Eye
Zodiac: Capricorn, Pieces
Vibrational Number: 7, 9 
Mohs Scale: 4

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