Jade Yoni Egg

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Jade Yoni Egg

Yoni eggs are crystal eggs that are inserted into the vagina strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, Strengthens vaginal muscles, prevents urinary leak, balances menstrual cycles and soothes menstrual cramps, increases libido and orgasms. Jade, Amethyst, Obsidian, Rose Quartz, and Clear Quartz are usually the preferred crystals. You can purchase Yoni Eggs with a drilled hole, where you can add a cord for pulling out, or you can purchase one without. 

Yoni Eggs are available in 3 sizes; if you are just starting out your yoni egg journey start with the large egg, and work your way to the medium, then the small.  Most would think that since its the biggest and heaviest you would work your way up to that from the small.... but you see the large egg works the overall core pelvic muscles, once you strength those muscles you can work your way down to the small egg, as this uses more specific targeted muscles to work with. 

Yoni Eggs care is important, you want to wash your egg, with mild soap and water, before and after every use. Inserting your egg in water that has boiled and letting it rest there for 5 minutes is also recommended, to ensure a very clean egg. Before inserting your egg make sure of two things: one make sure to wash your hands to sanitize them, and two its helpful to empty your bladder. This will ensure that you do not have any distractions like having to run to the bathroom while doing your 'Yoni Sets'.

To insert the Yoni Egg, lay down on your bed, with your knees up and both feet planted on the bed, it is best to be in a relaxed state, you can take a few moments create natural lubrication through self exploration or use a water based lube to help the ease of insertion. Slowly insert your Yoni Egg into your vagina with the widest end up (first), the sensation is like inserting a tampon.

Next comes the Kegel exercises; a Kegel is the action of clenching and releasing your pelvis muscles; think of the movement you do when you have to go pee and you're holding it back, that's a clench. In slow repetitions, clench for 3 seconds and relax for 3 seconds for 10 repetitions. Then clench for 3 seconds and relax for 1 second for 10 repetitions. Don’t forget to breathe. You will want to eventually work up to holding for 10 seconds. 

To remove your egg, if you have a drilled egg and have added a string, simply relax in a squatting position and pull on the string, just like removing a tampon. If you are using an undrilled egg, simply relax into a squatting position and push out with your vaginal muscles. Do not panic, your yoni egg will not get stuck inside, just relax and this will ease your egg out. 

We recommend you speak with your health professional before starting on your yoni egg journey, this information is not intended to replace consulting your physician. 

IMPORTANT, not all crystals can be used as yoni eggs. Some crystals are toxic, make sure you are using a non-toxic crystal such as Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Jade.... if you are not sure, look it up.

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