Lemurian Aquatine Calcite Sphere

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Lemurian Aquatine Calcite Sphere

Crystal Spheres send its' emitting energies in all directions. The perfect symmetrical shape for balanced, peaceful, relaxing energies in its' environment. Meditating with crystal spheres calms the mind and emotions, allowing you to raise your vibrations. Use spheres to heal, to attract positive energies, and to open your Third Eye Chakra. 

Lemurian Aquatine Calcite, also known as Argentinian Blue Calcite, is a beautiful stone that has an enchanting appeal, with its varying ocean-blue tones. Lemurian Aquatine Calcite vibrates with flowing energy and connects us to the consciousness of the ancient, high spiritual civilization of Lemuria.

Stimulates the Heart, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras, it supports your emotional body, promoting calm.  Aquatine Lemurian Calcite opens you to the higher dimensional consciousness so you can connect with your higher realm, it has a strong connection to Source energy. If you're looking to open your mind, thoughts and emotions with a deeper mental power, this is the crystal for you. 

Chakra: Heart, Third Eye, Crown 
Zodiac: Cancer
Vibration: 8
Mohs Scale: 3

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