Lodestone, Raw

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Lodestone, Raw

Lodestone, also known as Magnetite, are found in South Africa and Australia, and Canada. It is a magnetite and is black or brownish-black, and the octahedrons are black or a red-brown in colour with a metallic lustre. Lodestone is one of only a very few minerals that is naturally magnetized and of those, it is the most magnetic. Lodestone is a powerful gemstone for manifesting anything you desire, including someone special in your life. It is a highly effective spiritual grounding gemstone. 

Lodestones’ magnetic force is grounding and will balance both of the brains’ hemispheres. It has been used as a Shaman stone due to its strong connection to Mother Earth. It has been used in magical practices to ground intentions to Earth. To place an intention, you would place one at the top of the head, another between the feet; they do not need to touch the body. Can also be used in a grid layout. Lodestone is very efficient at re-balancing the aura around the body, and to bring the meridians and the chakras in alignment. 

A strong gemstone to attract abundance and prosperity, or to draw anything you desire to you. Lodestone has a strong positive vibration that will assist you in finding a better balance in your view of life. An excellent emotional healer, assists in reaching deep meditative states. It is also a strong psychic protector, keep on the body and wear every day. 

Other uses are for PMS, mood swings, Yin Yang balance, and to open the psychic gift of telepathy. Also beneficial for blood circulation problems, liver problems, anemia, and to heal asthma. An excellent stone for broken bones, healing after accidents, calms muscles and inflammation. 

Beneficial to develop your intuition. It is best to use it in a meditative state to accomplish this. Care of Lodestone should be to avoid dropping it as the shock could result in the lost of its magnetic abilities. When purchasing, look for those who have small hair-like or needle-like attachments, these are more magnetic. Combined with Jet and Amber (both of these create an electrical charge when worn on the skin), these gemstones create a potent augmentation of the energy in your auric field, and will increase the life force energy. Used with Green Serpentine or with Hematite, the results are similar. Other good combinations are; Shiva Lingham, Tektite, Atlantasite, Stichtite, Cuprite, and Red Jasper.

Chakra: Root
Zodiac: Aries, Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius
Vibrational Number: 4
Mohs Scale: 5.5-6.5

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