Maligano Jasper Heart

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Maligano Jasper Heart

Heart-shaped crystals and gemstones are aesthetics works of art.  They are hand-carved from a diverse collection of minerals, crystals, and gemstones that are found in nature. Heart-shaped crystals are typically associated with unconditional love and compassion; perfectly enhanced to promote self-love and love of others. They elevate happiness and endorphins, which give positive feelings to your mind and body. It is also a perfect stone for you as an individual and with your relationship with your lover, family, friends, and even with your acquaintances. It builds connections and growth that are beneficial in the long run.

Crystals and gemstones provide healing benefits for the mind, body and soul. Whatever you are in need of, you can be sure there is a crystal to assist you. 

Heart-shaped crystals and gemstones do not only provide healing benefits but are also pleasing to the eyes. Hence, it is widely used as a gift, jewelry, and decoration, especially, during Valentine’s day. Show your love and compassion to someone with the gift of a heart-shaped crystal or gemstone. They are also perfect for decoration or as accent pieces in your home. It elevates the look and uplifts your home with positive energy. 

Maligano Jasper is a specific type of jasper found in Indonesia and forms in ancient volcanic hot spring areas. Maligano is known for its contrasting warm hues on blues and greys with fantastic brecciated, or broken and healed, patterns plus its fun dendrite patterns, making the stone often show river scenes with little bushes aside a babbling brook.

Maligano Jasper is named after a small village in Sulawesi, Indonesia in SE Asia. It was found less than 10 years ago and is starting to make its way into the main stream market.

Maligano Jasper protects you against negativity and is also an excellent grounding crystal. It not only stabilizes the aura but also balances the physical, emotional, and intellectual bodies with the ethereal.

Spiritual evolution is a process. Getting comfortable with change is never easy, but as we grow and change, so too must our surroundings and daily interactions with others. As we breathe into this new acceptance, we create space for long-buried emotions to reveal themselves for healing. When we invite in the all disparate parts of ourselves to participate in this transformation, we are saying yes to honoring whatever shows up for us, moment-by-moment.

We are human. We like to be comfortable. Unfortunately, that means we may feel more inclined to cling to people, places, and things beyond what is right for us, if only for their familiarity. The unknown is scary. Even pain and unhappiness can seem worthwhile compared to the unknown. But the truth is, we each know, deep down, what is for our highest good, and letting go is a natural part of this process

A Sacral Chakra and Solar Plexus stone, Maligano Jasper works with us to help let go of negative thought patterns and habits that are ready to be released. It asks us to examine the company we keep and why, while supporting us in shedding what no longer serves us along the way.

Chakra: Sacral, Solar Plexus
Zodiac: Unknown 
Vibrational Number: 6
Mohs Scale: 7

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