Okenite Specimen

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Okenite Specimen

Okenite, first discovered in Greenland in 1828, named for the German naturalist, Lorenz Oken. Since that time, it has also been found in India, Azerbaijan, Aranga, New Zealand, Chile, Ireland and the US. Okenite is a silicate mineral that forms within basalt rocks and geodes. It crystallizes in the form of tiny blade like crystals that resemble a cotton ball, and even feels like it. The tiny blades are bendable but still very fragile. 

It is usually a pale to pearly white colour, but has also been seen as yellow and very light blue. It is usually found near or in association with Zeolites, Apophyllite, and Prehnite.

Okenite activates and unlocks the Crown Chakra, assisting to create a connection  from higher realms and dimensions. Meditating with this gemstone assists in reaching deep meditative states. It helps to bridge the physical and spiritual worlds together, providing a powerful high energy that can be used on the physical plane.

To meditate with Okenite, first set your intentions into it, then meditate, while holding it, allowing its' energies to move through your entire body. You will feel very clear minded. Use this time to plan out how you will achieve your intentions, your dreams. If you find the energies too strong, use it in combination with Black Tourmaline, Black Obsidian or Galena. It provides growth, life force energy, and vitality to anyone who attaches themselves to this stone. Okenite is a great manifesting gemstone!

Use Okenite in an evening meditation, just before bed, to assist with dream recall. It will help you understand the images from your dreams and how they relate to your physical existence. 

Chakra: Crown
Zodiac: Sagittarius, Virgo
Vibration: High
Mohs Scale: 4.5-5

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