Psilomelane Sterling Silver Pendant

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Psilomelane Sterling Silver Pendant

This item is made with sterling silver .925

Psilomelane, also known as Black Hematite, and Merlinite, is mined in Germany, France, Belgium, Scotland, Sweden, India, the U.S., and Nova Scotia.  It is a manganese oxide mixture that forms in lake or swamp bedded deposits and clays. The name Psilomelane is from the Greek words for “smooth” and “black". Psilomelane is an opaque gemstone that is black to silvery black, and can be found in rare dendritic form.

Psilomelane is a magical stone that is well known by energy workers, shamans and alchemists. It stimulates the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, opening consciousness to higher dimensions. An excellent gemstone to stimulate intuition and psychic abilities. Said to be an attractor of good luck and harmony. Psilomelane is considered a protective gemstone, it dispels negative energies and provides spiritual protection, it will also guard you against negative energies, spirits, and entities.

Psilomelane accelerates your spiritual growth, can assist in accessing your Akashic record, and facilitates communication with Spirit Guides and Angels. Assists in lucid dreaming, channelling, past life recall, past life healing, and understanding your shadow self. 

Emotionally, Psilomelane promotes feelings of optimism and improves your state of awareness. It is useful if you are feeling down or heartbroken. It will make you feel stronger and happier, and a little less sad. Reach for Psilomelane whenever you are going through a rough patch.

Chakra: Third Eye, Crown
Zodiac: Gemini
Vibration: 6
Mohs Scale: 5-6

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