Selenite with Kobyashevite

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Selenite with Kobyashevite

A relatively recent find of Kobyashevite with selenite on Calcite from Durango, Mexico. This specimen is a cluster of Calcite crystals which is covered in a thin coating of Kobyashevite and fine hair like selenite crystals. The contrast is quite spectacular. The detail on these rare beauties makes great pieces to display in your home or office.

There is a lot of discussion on these, and no definitive answers. These are considered a 'post mining' crystal because after the calcite (base crystal) is taken from the ground, somehow copper, gypsum (the clear sparkles or 'fur') and other minerals combine or form to cause the fuzzy blue appearance. Some people say this happens on its own, and some have suggested that miners may have figured out how to help the process along using a natural solution. 

This beauty is spectacular in quality. The size is 

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