Smoky Quartz Pendant

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Smoky Quartz Sterling Silver Pendant & Chain

Experience the grounding allure of our Smoky Quartz Pencil Sterling Silver Pendant. This exquisite piece, measuring just under 1 inch in length, is a captivating addition to your jewelry collection. The pendant comes with an adjustable sterling silver chain, allowing you the flexibility to wear it at either 16 or 18 inches.

Smoky Quartz, renowned for its earthy hues and protective energy, is a stone that embodies strength and resilience. This pendant not only adds a touch of sophistication to your attire but also carries the metaphysical properties associated with Smoky Quartz. It is believed to provide grounding, dispel negativity, and enhance practicality.

Embrace the soothing energy of Smoky Quartz with this pendant, symbolizing your connection to the grounding forces of the Earth. Let it accompany you on your journey with a touch of elegance and a sense of inner strength.

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