Snowflake Suncatcher

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Snowflake Suncatcher

Suncatchers do for light what wind chimes do for sound. Hang in windows to catch the most light, then enjoy the beautiful display of rainbows in you home. These rainbows clear the stale energies from your home and fill it with joy, love, peace and harmony.

A large crystal is topped by smaller crystals and a silver Snowflake. Overall Length: 4.5 inches [Length: 13'' w/ line]. Snowflakes are as unique as individuals. Not two are alike. A snowflake is a symbol of transformation and seeing it motivates you to bring new changes into your life.

Works equally well as a sun catcher or Christmas ornament or hung in an office or dorm room. It's especially beautiful when hanging in the window or in front of a light.

Recommended for indoor use. This product is handcrafted with pride in the U.K., therefore sizes can vary.

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