Stone of Solidarity

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Stone of Solidarity

This rare stone can only be found in the Northern part of the province of Ontario, Canada. Solidarity is believed to possess the most loving mineral from "Mother Earth". It assists in building friendships. Activates, stimulates and clears the Heart Chakra. Can be used to act as a guide to past-lives and to access the ancient wisdom. Allows one to create the reality one desires.

Acts as an energy vortex centre, enhancing all psychic abilities. When directed it helps with experiencing direct contact with those of the spirit world, visions, and healing. Assists in attaining an altered state of consciousness. Great meditation stone, and for automatic writing. Use to induce deep relaxation. Brings peace and stillness to a troubled mind, as well as soothing in difficult times, which can be felt deep within the soul. 

Assists in understanding the cause, effect and karmic lessons, which one has or is experiencing. Place a piece on written material which is difficult to understand, it will increase discernment of the knowledge and perception into diverse range of information. Good for creating ideas and finding solutions. 

Use the Stone of Solidarity in the treatment of donations which are considered area related disorders. Also inhibits the degeneration of cellular structures and to balance the RNA/DNA structures to facilitate healthy cellular development and maintenance. Improves the immune system, helps the body to correct and harmonies any area of itself that is out of synch. 

Opens the flow between the Solar Plexus and the Heart and creates a stronger connection between them. It can also bring a large amount of energy from your higher Chakras to your lower Chakras. This expands your power base by integrating spiritual energy with earth energy. 

Helps resolve emotional imbalances. Protects the wearer from energy vampires, and those that manipulate or attack on a psychic level. It can assist in overcoming social fears, anxiety, distress and worry. 

Assists in releasing blocks caused by fears and mistrust and is excellent for clearing the aura. 

Chakra: All
Zodiac: All
Vibration: High
Mohs Scale: 6.5-7

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