Titanium Aura Obsidian Moon

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Titanium Aura Obsidian 1.25"

Their shape alone makes these crystals look fantastic in any setting, therefore are excellent choices for home decor. Traditionally, the crescent Moon shape has always been associated with femininity, sensuality, and fertility. It’s common to use crystal Moons in any energy healing for fertility. Crescent Moon-shaped stones are excellent tools that facilitate the resonance with the energy of each Moon phase. Moon-shaped crystals also represent growth, creativity, and manifestation; therefore, they can be used for manifestation techniques.

Grounding, purification, and vibrant strength: these are the gifts of this titanium aura obsidian. This gem is a powerful tool. Black obsidian is a truth-enhancing stone that works actively on keeping you covered. A tool of releasing, black obsidian forms a shield of protective energy that abates negativity. It blocks any attempts of psychic attack and absorbs negative energies, creating a clear channel and space for you to move and flow without obstruction.

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