Colour Your Mood™ Essential Oil Mixes

Colour Energy's Mood Enhancing Diffuser Mixes have been created to support the body, mind and spirit on multiple levels. These powerful recipes contain pure, therapeutic grade essential oils. 100% natural, chakra colour-coded formulas and free from additives, alcohols, chemical fragrances and preservatives. Add these pure essential oil mixes to your diffuser, colour bath or favourite unscented lotion.

Get Up And Go: Rev up your root with this invigorating blend of oils.
• Garden of Eden: Delight your senses and stimulate your feelings of desire.
• Yoga: The Art of Divine Union.
• Smarty Pants: Awaken your mind and stimulate your brain power!
• Forest Fantasy: Mother Nature’s aromatherapy – nurturing remedy for the soul.
• Sweet Serenity: Tranquility in a bottle to ease away daily stresses.
• Soul Purpose: This spiritual Blend of oils will heighten your psychic connection.
• A-U-M: Bless & inspire your day with the angelic aroma of spiritual oils.
• Metamorphosis: Support personal shifts with this mind altering blend.
• Love is in the Air: Enhance the romance with this sublime odour of ardour.
Rainbow Power & White Light: Full Spectrum Healing


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