Fossils Collection


Fossils are the remains or impression of a prehistoric plant or animal embedded in rock and preserved in petrified form. Most fossils are created when the biological material of a plant, insect or animal is replace by opal, chalcedony or other minerals over millennia. The mineral takes on the form of the biological matter within the surrounding rock formations or within sedimentary layers. Amber, Ammonites, Jet, Petrified Wood, and Sand dollars are some examples of fossils.

Fossils connect us to the ancient wisdom of Mother Earth. Revered by many cultures for centuries, fossils, because of their age, are often used as talismans for protection and long life. They are links to the past and, as such, can be helpful for past-life visualization, astral travel and increased knowledge of ancient ways. They are thought to be high vibrating and believed to activate the Third Eye and Crown Chakras. 

Fossils make beautiful aesthetically pleasing decorations, and will create an atmosphere of harmony in your home or office. Whether you chose a centre piece or a collection of smaller fossils, displayed on a plate or in a bowl, you are sure to receive pleasure from its beauty and calming energies. 

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