Medieval Thymes™

Medieval Thymes™ 

All-Purpose Purifying Essential Oil Line

As the urban legend goes, there was a secret recipe created by four thieves that were notoriously robbing the ill and deceased during the era of the black plague to help them avoid contracting the disease.

The essential oils used are considered to be antiviral, anti infectious, antibacterial, anti fungal and antiseptic. These oils will strengthen the immune, respiratory and circulatory systems. Mold and bacteria cannot survive in the presence of many essential oils making this secret recipe an extremely effective household cleaner and immune enhancer.

This exhilarating aromatic formulation can be added to all your body and cleansing rituals. Safe to use daily as a personal body and space purifier. Will assist in reinforcing our protection capabilities. Ideal in combating and preventing harmful energies from penetrating into our electromagnetic field.

Medieval Thymes Protects & Disinfects!

  • Ideal to use in public places such as washrooms, transportation spaces, in restaurants, on cutlery...literally spray it on everything! Mist your clothing, face mask, gloves and even your hands. This product is safe to use directly on skin. Take it wherever you go!!
  • The essential oils in this recipe will kill the bad bacteria while keeping the good bacteria unlike alcohol based hand sanitizers which kill good bacteria as well.
  • Use as a hand sanitizer and to disinfect any surface area, desks, tables, telephones, door knobs, your phone...EVERYTHING!
  • Use the roller blend under your nose, on your chest, wrists or thyroid to kill germs before they reach your system.
  • Diffuse the pure mix in an ionizing diffuser to disinfect your space. It is also highly beneficial to breath in these essential oils as they promote a healthy immune system.
  • Drop the blend onto your hands and breath in deeply to strengthen your respiratory & immune system. A quick way to help relieve anxiety too!


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