Pyramid-Shaped Crystals

Pyramid-Shaped Crystals

Different shapes hold different energies, and these energies can influence us in subtle and also profound ways. Pyramids have been found throughout our ancient cultures, in fact, what makes a pyramid so powerful is its ability to channel or collect energy from the higher realms of the stars, the planets and the Universe and deliver it down to earth.

The bottom of the pyramid represents a solid, earthy foundation, whereas the pointed top represents being able to reach into higher realms of consciousness.

Because of its shape, any energy that enters the pyramid has the ability to be cleansed and purified. Almost like the pyramid acts like a filter of sorts. This is because pyramids are said to generate negative ions which can balance the body’s electromagnetic field and deliver healing. As with Generators, Pyramids also have the ability to absorb low vibrating and harmful EMF and other energetic frequencies that are damaging to your health.

We live in an energetic Universe, and geometrical shapes have the ability to change and influence the direction of energy. Of course, every crystal and gemstone also carry its own particular benefits and healing frequencies. 

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