Charging your Crystals in the Full Moon

The full moon is all about clarity and illumination, see and realize what you need to let go of and let that shit go. Same goes to your stones, they need to let go of your shit that they've been absorbing and hoarding for you. Time to give them a good cleansing and feed them with loving moon time!

  • Cleanse them with either water, reiki or smudge
  • Place them outside in the moonlight (or window sill)
  • Bring them inside in the morning (some stones don't like the sun)
  • Store them or give them their intention, they love having jobs
  • Attitude of gratitude!

Thank father moon, mother earth and your crystals for being awesome. Thank you for watching! Please comment below if you have any questions or want to suggest a topic for a future episode. Please subscribe to our YouTube Channel :)


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