Skull-Shaped Crystals

Skull-Shaped Crystals

Understanding Crystal Skulls is your first step in discovering the wonderful world of ancient knowledge and lost civilizations. Many books have been written about the legend of the 13 Crystal Skulls and their effect on Earths' energies. 

Crystal skulls are commonly made of Quartz, due to their ability to generate piezoelectric energies. Quartz is often used in electronic devices and in storing data. Some people believe that the same piezoelectric properties enable crystal skulls to store a wealth of ancient knowledge, as well as messages from aliens or lost civilizations. This is why they are referred to as cosmic libraries.

Gemstones and crystals contain vibrations that assists humanity in balancing and raising their vibrations. Shaping these stones into skulls is a way to amplify their existing powers. Skulls made from various precious stones are said to speed up the healing process for distresses affecting the mind and heart.

Crystal skulls are also known for enhancing psychic powers. The vibrational energy that skulls release are believed to be similar to the electromagnetic waves of the brain which are responsible for thought processing. Thus, crystal skulls are recommended for anyone wishing to absorb information or for studying. 

As a meditation tool, a crystal skull works to activate your healing and psychic abilities, help you access the Akashic records and raise your consciousness. Meditating with your crystal skull is as simple as sitting quietly while holding it close to your heart or Third Eye. Take a couple of deep breaths, focus your intention on you skull. See what perceptions come up during your meditation, ask questions, the more you connect with your crystal skull, the more activated it becomes. 

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