Crystal Wands

Crystal Wands

Crystal wands come in many different styles and are made of natural crystals and gemstones. They help focus our intentions for a wide array of issues. Whether its' for healing, meditation, massage, energy clearing, connecting crystal energies together in a crystal grid, to grid your home, or to send your intentions to someone else. Additionally, crystals and gemstones have properties that amplify your intentions. 

Round-ended Crystal Wands have gradual tapered and smooth ends, usually one end is wider and is used to pull stale energies out. The smaller end is used to focus energies in. Wands have powerful energies that can be channeled into a specific area for healing. This is why wands are used in Reiki treatments, to clear, charge and stimulate chakras. When crystals are used on the skin, or the energy bodies, the crystal becomes more effective. Massage wands are beneficial to work out problem areas, such as back knots. 

Pointed Crystal Wands are the most commonly shaped, they allow you to direct the crystals' concentrated energies in a precise area or to connect crystals together. Points of Crystal wands are also used to amplify your crystal grinds. You can use your crystal wand to activate it once you have put your crystals in your preferred grid style. This helps the crystals in the grid guide the energy you want. Crystal points are never used directly on the skin, but they can be used to surgically direct energies into a specific area. 

Pointed wands are also used to draw imaginary lines of sacred symbols onto objects, doors, ceilings, or floors of entryways. A crystal wand amplify your intentions and thoughts. You can generally use a crystal to draw affirmation words or manifestations as a writing tool. You can also write them out physically and use your wand to go over the lines, as you focus on the written words. If you need to withdraw your words, words spoken out too soon and then regretted, write the words down, or imagine them written out, and use your pointed wand to follow your lines backwards over your written words. 

Some Wands are flat on the bigger end and have clear crystal points at the other end. These are usually made of a special wood or copper. Sometimes crystal balls are attached to the flat end. Wands with flat ends, are used to send messages across distances. You hold the wand in your non-dominant hand, facing the direction you want to send the message to (if you are not sure where the person, or animal is located, stand facing the North), once your thought is strong and precise, send it by hitting the flat end of your wand with your dominant hand (use the flat of the inside of your hand). Message sent!

Other notable uses of crystal wands include positive energy attraction, cleansing the negative energy in your body, meditation, as well as healing properties in your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

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