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Burning of incense has been an important ritual since ancient times.  Incense has a long history of being used in conjunction with ceremonies, rituals, and spiritual and religious occasions. 

Incense burning was discovered in India and Southern Asia as early as 3300 BC. Used alongside worship and prayer, it was believed that burning incense could ward off evil spirits while purifying the surroundings. The ancient Egyptian priests used incense for fumigating tombs. 

Over 2,000 years ago, the trade of spices and incense played a significant economic role between the east and west. In those days, the Middle Eastern Incense Route wound its way through the Middle East to the Mediteranean region, where it was popularized by the Roman Empire. It’s been estimated that 3,000 tons of incense traveled this route each year. 

Today, burning incense is synonymous with the practices of several diverse religions, including Catholicism, Buddhism, and Hinduism, but its use goes beyond the spiritual, as it is now commonly used in yoga studios, wellness offices, and our own homes. 

There are many benefits to burning incense. To promote calm, essential oils of plants like Rosemary, Peppermint, and Citrus have been shown to improve mental cognition, clarity, and focus. Lavender reduces stress, anxiety, and promotes sleep. To increase focus during meditation, try Sandalwood, Nag Champa, or Super Hit incense. To purify your space, try Palo Santo and Patchouli incense. 

Of course, you can simply use incense that pleases your olfaction sense, taking pleasure in what makes you happy!

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