Wether you are looking for an animal figurine, to feel closer to your spirit animal(s), for meditation, for aesthetic purposes to decorate your home or office, check out our selection of gemstone and crystal animal figurines. You are sure to find a figurine for your intended purposes. 

Figurines are precious to individuals as they represent significant and different aspects of their lives, and they have a meaning attached to them. For whatever the purpose, one cannot go wrong with Chakra Flow.

Figurines can be used to remind us of our spirituality, to bring our spirit animals closer, to remember a lost loved pet, or used as healing gemstones. They can be placed on their own or added to a Crystal Generator Garden. Maybe you want to carry one in your pocket, as a lucky charm or a protective talisman. Add one to your medicine pouch. 

Figurines also make breath-taking gifts for friends and family. Check out our collection below:

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