Root Chakra

Grounding, Courage & Protection


I am safe

The ROOT chakra is our base. Our first chakra, located near the perineum, our root energy flows down our legs and into the ground. A masculine energy that governs our basic physical needs like safety, security and family. When we feel ungrounded, anxious, scared it has to do with our root. 

This chakra is developed between birth until 7 years old, children who feel unsafe due to neglect, abuse or a traumatic event will not develop their root effectively. They will go into "Fight or flight mode" and battle with this well into old age, the most common symptoms include anxiety, insomnia, hoarding, addictions, restless legs, sciatica and PTSD amongst others. These individuals will often live in fear and will be subject to panic disorders when they close off their heart chakra, which is a pattern we often find in clients. 

Other times, the root chakra issue does not stem from childhood. Periods of transition can also entail root chakras issues, for instance; a change in career, a retirement, a death in the family, a birth in the family, a move or a wedding. 

Associated Words
Life force energy ∞ Vitality ∞ Physical Health ∞ Fitness ∞ Grounding ∞ Stability Security ∞ Survival ∞ Abundance ∞ Connection to Earth ∞ Moving Forward Sexuality ∞ Family ∞ Assertiveness ∞ Passion ∞ Fight or Flight
Strong ∞ Healthy  Present  Grounded ∞ Safe ∞ Stable ∞ Vitality ∞  High Physical Energy
Insomnia ∞ Anxiety ∞ Impulsiveness  Sciatica ∞ Infertility ∞  Inflammation ∞  Constipation ∞ Lower Back, Foot,  Knee &  Hip Pain 
Associated Body Parts
Bones  ∞ Teeth  ∞ Sciatic Nerve  ∞ Bladder Blood & Circulatory System  ∞ Legs & Feet   Rectum & Anus   Hips & Tailbone  Prostate ∞ Testicles ∞ Ovaries
Crystals & Stones
Black Tourmaline  ∞ Dravite  ∞ Garnet  ∞ Hematite  ∞ Lodestone  ∞ Mookaite ∞ Red Jasper  ∞ Red Tiger's Eye  ∞ Shungite  ∞ Snowflake Obsidian  ∞ Smokey Quartz
Essential Oils
Benzoin  ∞  Black Pepper  ∞ Black Spruce ∞ Cinnamon  Clove  ∞ Juniper Berry  ∞ Sandalwood ∞ Vanilla  ∞ Ylang Ylang  ∞ Anxiety Release  ∞ Red Light ∞ Get up and go
Meditation & Yoga  
Ocean Breath - Ujjayi  ∞ Tree Pose  ∞ Mountain Pose   Garland Pose  ∞ Easy Pose  ∞ Wide-legged Forward Fold Pose  ∞ Warrior 2 Pose  ∞ Grow Your Roots Meditation  ∞ Meditation - Red Visualization  ∞ Forgiveness Meditation  ∞ I Am Safe Meditation

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