Affirmations for Empaths

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Affirmations for Empaths

Judith Orloff, MD

A Year of Guided Journaling

An affirmation can be your most potent ally for immediate self-care when you're feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or stuck in negative thinking. With Affirmations for Empaths, this trusted empathy expert and "godmother of the empath movement" presents a new resource filled with her favorite affirmations to support sensitive people.

Affirmations are powerful tools that can radically enhance the quality of your life - especially when used daily. Dr. Orloff offers key strategies for getting the most out of affirmations, with guidance for strengthening your intentions, reinforcing the energy of affirmations, and creatively personalizing your practice. You'll have 52 affirmations to practice, with space for weekly journaling, organized into eight topics - including balancing your emotions, finding purpose, building healthy relationships, and more.

This journal offers simple, quick, and effective tools for supporting your empathic gifts of intuition, compassion, and joyous connection.

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