Angel Wing Selenite

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Angel Wing Selenite

Angel Wings Selenite, also known as Fishtail Selenite,  is quite distinctive as its shaft extends out in a fail tail formation forming ‘feathery wings’. Angel Wing Selenite is a crystallized form of opaque Gypsum that is usually white in colour. Usually found in Mexico, Angel Wing Selenite is a Water Selenite and is rarer than the usual white Selenite. 

Angel Wings Selenite crystal  promotes deep purification of mind, body and spirit allowing illumination of the Divine Spark within and the emergence of the authentic self. It also carries the same benefits as White Selenite  

While it is found in a few countries, Selenite with the best healing properties come out of Mexico, where it is mined in deep, very hot caves. Formed in clay beds or around hot springs, the vibrations from Selenite seem to flow like water and it is a very programmable crystal that is used for good luck and protection. Selenite has a low hardness level of 2 on the Mohs scale (it can be scratched with a fingernail), but what it lacks in strength, it makes up in its metaphysical properties. Often used as a light bringing element in the home; as lamps, centrepieces, slabs, or other ornamental uses. Selenite window panes have been used in the famous Santa Sabina in Rome. 


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