Anna, The Voice of The Magdalenes



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Anna, The Voice of The Magdalenes

Claire Heartsong with Catherine Ann Clemett

Anna, the Voice of the Magdalenes, by Claire Heartsong and Catherine Ann Clemett, is the sequel to Claire Heartsong's first book, Anna, Grandmother of Jesus . Journey with Anna, the Holy Family and 18 other Magdalene-Essenes as they carry their work forward into France and Britain after Jesus's (Yeshua's) crucifixion and resurrection disclosing personal and deeply transforming experiences with the resurrected Yeshua. Receive a greater understanding of the Christ drama 2,000 years ago and its relevance to present-day humanity and your own awakening. Re-awaken the remembrance of Magdalene being and the Order of Consciousness, not just one individual. Discover how the Essenes of Yeshua's sect and the Holy Family were part of the Magdalene Order, revealing deeper mysteries they have safeguarded for eons of time including long-held secrets concerning Jesus's intimate life, relationships, and children.

The "Seeding of Light" is revealed - the dispersion of Anna's, Mother Mary's, and Jesus's enlightened descendants whose bloodline" acts as a living catalyst for the awakening of your own Christ-Magdalene potential today. Long-held secrets are revealed which assist the lifting of the suppressed Divine Feminine/Magdalene voice in our time.

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