Aura Howlite Generators

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Aura Howlite Generators

Discover the ethereal beauty and metaphysical allure of Aura Howlite Generators, standing gracefully at 3 inches in height with a base measuring .75 inches. These exquisite generators are crafted through a process that infuses Howlite with precious metals, resulting in an iridescent display of captivating colors.

 These generators are believed to stimulate the Crown Chakra, fostering a deeper connection with higher realms and promoting mental clarity. Aura Howlite is often associated with stress relief and tranquility, making these generators ideal for meditation and mindfulness practices.

Placed in your sacred space or used as a centerpiece for crystal grids, Aura Howlite Generators radiate a soothing energy, encouraging a serene atmosphere and aiding in the release of tension. Allow these luminous gems to elevate your spiritual journey and envelop you in a gentle, transformative aura.

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