Black Tourmaline in Quartz, Raw

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Black Tourmaline in Quartz, Raw

Found mostly in Brazil, Black Tourmaline in Quartz is often referred to simply as Tourmalinated Quartz. This gemstone is composed of Black Tourmaline inclusions in Clear or Snowy Quartz. However, Tourmalinated Quartz also comes with a rarer green Tourmaline inclusions. 

The benefits of Black Tourmaline being amplified by the Clear Quartz energies. Clear Quartz amplifies vibratory energies and intentions. Black Tourmaline’s cleansing and grounding influence keeps the gemstone clear of any negativity. An effective grounding stone, encourages a large amount of light into your body that will help heal you on all levels. Black Tourmalinated Quartz is an excellent psychic protection gemstone.

Black Tourmaline strengthens the immune system, treats dyslexia and arthritis, provides pain relief and helps to realign the spinal column. Quartz Crystal is a master healer and may be used for any condition. Quartz Crystal stimulates the immune system and brings the body into balance. Tourmalinated Quartz is beneficial in circulatory disorders, strengthening the structure of the veins, reducing the chance of strokes from blocked arteries. 

Wearing or carrying Tourmalinated Quartz creates a “bubble” of light protection around the body. This crystal is a great tool for psychic protection, as Tourmalinated Quartz filters out negative energies while boosting feelings of wellness. This gemstone assists out-of-body experiences and provides protection while astral traveling. 

Beneficial during any healing session, Tourmalinated Quartz absorbs energies released during sessions, purifies the energies and recycles them back into the Auric Field. Making this an excellent gemstone for detoxing from substance abuse, for beginners of vegan diets, or for those trying to improve their diet. 

Tourmalinated Quartz harmonizes the meridians and the subtle bodies restoring balance to all the chakras and creates a general sense of well-being. 

For crystal grids, to benefit the healing of the environment, or to absorb negative energies and transmute them into healing energies, use Tourmalinated Quartz with Moldavite, Charoite, Sugilite, Black Obsidian, Jet, and Citrine. 

To protect your home or business from thieves and ill-intended people, grid the basement, by placing a piece of Black Tourmaline or Black Tourmalinated Quartz in each outside corner, along with a centre crystal (a Clear Quartz generator or sphere work well). To protect your property, burry a Black Tourmaline or Black Tourmalinated Quartz in the four corners of your lot, making sure to place at the same depth.  

Chakra: Root, Crown
Zodiac: Scorpio
Vibrational Number: 5
Mohs Scale: 7

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