Blue Topaz

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Blue Topaz

Blue Topaz can be found in a light blue to a darker tone in colour. Natural Blue Topaz is rare and therefore tends to be expensive. Those used in jewelry are usually treated, using clear Topaz and radiating it. Blue Topaz is a variety of Topaz that’s one of the most sought-after and most valuable.

Blue Topaz is excellent for the throat and the head and generally contributing to good health. It instantly shifts the pressure of migraines, it brings a soothing kiss to sore throats, and it stops you from clenching your jaw by acting as a gentle stress reliever. Blue Topaz is also beneficial for public speakers and to assist in communication at all levels as it encourages self confidence. It is sometimes referred to as the writers stone and assists in concentration and focus.

Blue Topaz is associated with the Throat and Third Eye Chakras, but is beneficial for all seven Chakras.  Looking at Blue Topaz will make you think of the water, the wind, and the sky!

Chakra: All 
Zodiac: Cancer, Pisces
Vibrational Number: 7
Mohs Scale: 3.5

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