Brown Diopside Raw

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Brown Diopside Raw

Brown Diopside from Quebec is a captivating and lesser-known gemstone that offers unique metaphysical properties. Mined in the pristine landscapes of Quebec, this gemstone boasts a rich brown color with a natural earthy allure.

Brown diopside, also known as chrome diopside or black diopside, is a variety of the mineral diopside that exhibits a rich brown to black coloration. It is primarily found in locations such as Russia, Brazil, and Pakistan, where it forms in metamorphic rocks such as marble and peridotite.

The appearance of brown diopside is characterized by its deep brown or black color, often with a vitreous to submetallic luster. It typically has a translucent to opaque transparency and may exhibit some degree of transparency when cut and polished. Brown diopside crystals are often prismatic or tabular in shape, with well-defined crystal faces.

In terms of its metaphysical properties, brown diopside is believed to promote emotional healing, self-discovery, and inner strength. It is thought to resonate with the root chakra, helping to ground and stabilize one's energy. Additionally, brown diopside is sometimes used in jewelry making as a unique and striking gemstone.

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