Butterfly Jasper Pendant

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Butterfly Jasper Sterling Silver Pendant

Butterfly Jasper, also known as Butterfly Wing Jasper, is found in Mexico. It is called butterfly because the patterning of the stone resembles that of butterfly wings. Butterfly Jasper is considered a Brecciated Jasper because it broke up into a series of fragments while forming. The breaks then healed together producing an abstract pattern. Butterfly Jasper is found in predominantly blues and browns, others have browns and yellows, and some of the gemstones include red.

Butterfly jasper is a powerful grounding stone, promoting feelings of tranquility and wholeness. It is the perfect stone to have when you are feeling overwhelmed by personal or work matters. Keeping this stone close to you will ensure a stable and secure emotional body. Your head will instantly feel lighter and all the burdens in your heart will be lifted. Jaspers are known to promote stability, comfort, strength, and security. Butterfly Jasper has an additional element in a metaphysical sense.

Butterfly jasper is said to make the soul feel free and light, and lets the imagination soar to new heights. A stone of joy and happiness, it brings contentment and support. Butterfly jasper grounds stale, toxic energies found in the emotional layer of your Aura. It assists in supporting the emotional body in recovering from a traumatic experience while uplifting your spirit, clears the mind, and instills courage, confidence and grace. 

Butterfly jasper encourages self-care during periods of stress, bringing tranquility and peace to your emotional body. Grounding and connecting you to Mother Earth, the butterfly jasper will keep your feet planted to the reality, allowing you to stay present despite the overwhelming challenges in your life.

In ancient times, Butterfly Jasper was used as a crystal for protection in the afterlife, and as a totem to invoke rainfall.

Chakra: Root
Zodiac: Leo, Virgo, Scorpio
Vibration: 6
Mohs Scale: 6

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