Pink Clinozoisite Tumble

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Pink Clinozoisite TumblePink clinozoisite, also known as pink zoisite, is a relatively rare mineral that belongs to the epidote group. It is typically found in metamorphic rocks and is characterized by its pink to rose-red coloration. The mineral was first discovered in Tanzania, specifically in the Merelani Hills near Mount Kilimanjaro. The discovery of pink clinozoisite occurred in the same region where tanzanite, a blue-violet gemstone variety of the mineral zoisite, was also found.

The appearance of pink clinozoisite can vary depending on factors such as impurities and lighting conditions. It often occurs in translucent to opaque masses or as prismatic crystals with a vitreous to pearly luster. The pink coloration is attributed to the presence of manganese within the mineral structure.

In terms of history, pink clinozoisite gained attention in the gem and mineral world due to its attractive pink hue and rarity. While not as well-known as tanzanite, pink clinozoisite has been occasionally used as a lapidary material for cabochons, beads, and ornamental carvings. Its unique color and association with tanzanite have contributed to its appeal among collectors and enthusiasts of rare gemstones.

Chakra: Solar Plexus, Heart
Zodiac: Gemini
Vibrational Number: 3, 66
Mohs Scale: 6-7

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