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Honey Calcite Mini Generator

Honey calcite, also known as golden or yellow calcite, is a variety of calcite, a calcium carbonate mineral. It is formed through the crystallization of calcium carbonate from solutions in limestone caves or hydrothermal veins. Honey calcite can be found in various locations worldwide, including Brazil, Mexico, the United States, and Iceland.

Honey calcite typically exhibits a golden to yellow-orange color, resembling the hue of honey, hence its name. The coloration is due to the presence of iron impurities within the crystal structure. This variety of calcite often occurs in massive, translucent to opaque formations, although it can occasionally be found in well-formed crystals. Honey calcite crystals may display a vitreous to resinous luster and can range from transparent to translucent.

In terms of texture, honey calcite can have a smooth or banded appearance, with some specimens exhibiting bands or layers of different shades of yellow or brown. The mineral often has a waxy or greasy feel to the touch. Depending on the specific geological conditions during its formation, honey calcite may also contain inclusions or veining of other minerals, adding to its visual appeal.

Overall height 1.5"

Chakra: Solar Plexus
Zodiac: scorpio
Vibrational Number: 4
Mohs Scale: 3

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