Crocoite Specimen

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Crocoite Specimen

Crocoite was discovered in the late 1700s and occurs in the oxidized zone of lead deposits, which is sometimes associated with quartz and gold veins. It is renowned for its bright red to orange colour, slender columnar structure, and interlocking crystals. Only small amounts of very tiny prismatic crystals were found in Russia and throughout Europe until there was a major discovery at the Heazlewood lead-silver mine in Tasmania in 1895. When these magnificent crystals were found at the Tasmanian lead mines, crocoite quickly catapulted onto the international collector stage.

Because crocoite contains lead and chromium, it is somewhat toxic, so take care in handling one of these specimens. Exposure to sunlight may dampen the colour and luster of the specimen.

Crocoite is a very interesting mineral that gives off a high vibrational energy. This mineral works to activate, opens the Root, Heart, and Crown Chakras simultaneously. This allows you to ground worries and emotions, keeping your mind focused and clear. This provides you with a tunnel vision that helps you to focus on your goals. Crocoite will assist you in following your dreams. 

Chakra: Root, Heart, Crown
Zodiac: Aries
Vibration: High
Mohs Scale: 2.5-3

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