Cuprite Pendant

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Cuprite Sterling Silver Pendant

This item is made with sterling silver .925

Behold the exquisite Cuprite sterling silver pendant, a harmonious fusion of elegance and metaphysical potency. Measuring 1.25 inches in length and 0.75 inches in width, this pendant showcases the rich, deep red hues characteristic of Cuprite. Metaphysically, Cuprite is known for its association with the Root and Sacral Chakras, grounding and energizing the wearer. It is believed to enhance vitality, courage, and passion while also promoting a deep connection to one's life force. This sterling silver pendant not only serves as a stunning accessory but also acts as a conduit for the transformative energies of Cuprite. As you wear this pendant close to your heart, you invite the protective and empowering qualities of Cuprite into your energy field, creating a harmonious balance between physical and spiritual well-being. Embrace the subtle yet powerful energy of Cuprite as it becomes a unique and meaningful addition to your metaphysical jewelry collection.

Chakra: Root
Zodiac: Leo
Vibrational Number:
Mohs Scale: 7

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