Dreamcatcher White Angel

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Dreamcatcher White Angel

Behold the celestial beauty of our heavenly Dreamcatcher, meticulously crafted from tightly wrapped white faux-suede, reminiscent of ethereal clouds in the celestial realm. Intricately woven into each of the five delicate webs are clear beads, shimmering like stardust, capturing the essence of a starlit night. Cascading gracefully from the smaller webs are pristine white feathers, beckoning the gentle presence of celestial beings to aid us on our soul's journey.

This enchanting Dreamcatcher, with its celestial-inspired design, serves as a symbolic portal between the earthly and heavenly realms, inviting positive energies and celestial guidance into your space. Hang it above your sleeping quarters or in a sacred space, and let its divine aesthetic and mystical energy create an atmosphere of serenity and spiritual connection. Embrace the dreamlike ambiance as this heavenly Dreamcatcher weaves a tapestry of celestial blessings into the fabric of your dreams.

Ā Measures 8.5 inches in circomference.

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