Fluorite Bracelet

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Fluorite Bracelet 6mm

Available in 6mm, 8mm

Fluorite, a mineral composed of calcium and fluorine (CaF2), is found in various locations worldwide. Some significant deposits are located in China, Mexico, Mongolia, Russia, South Africa, Spain, and the United States. The mineral forms in a variety of geological environments, including hydrothermal veins, sedimentary rocks, and as a gangue mineral in ore deposits.

Fluorite is known for its wide range of colors, which can include purple, blue, green, yellow, pink, brown, and colorless. Often, multiple colors can be present within a single crystal, creating a striking visual effect. The color variation is due to the presence of different trace elements and exposure to natural radiation during its formation. Fluorite commonly occurs in the form of cubic crystals, but it can also be found in octahedral and dodecahedral shapes. The crystals may have a glassy or waxy luster, and they are often transparent or translucent.

Fluorite is highly valued for its beauty and is frequently used in jewelry and carvings. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the mineral has various industrial uses, particularly in the production of aluminum, gasoline, and uranium fuel. Metaphysically, fluorite is believed to have properties that promote mental clarity, focus, and protection against negative energies.

Chakra: Third Eye
Zodiac: Capricorn, Pisces
Vibrational Number: 7, 9
Mohs Scale: 4

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