Gastropod Crystallized Fossil Shell

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Gastropod Crystallized Fossil Shell

Crystallized Gastropods Fossils were creatures that lived about 500 million years ago, making them some of the oldest organic matter on the planet. Work with one of these fossilized gastropods to anchor into the Earth’s life force and to revitalize yourself in body, mind, and spirit.

Gastropod Fossil aligns all the Chakras with ethereal energies, balances spiritual and emotional bodies, and connects you deeply to the Earth. Fossils hold potent Earth medicine and can clear negative energies. They’ve absorbed cosmic energy across eons and serve as powerful stimulants of life force energy. Fossils also promote continual evolution. Working with fossilized gastropods can channel powerful ancient wisdom. These Gastropod Fossils will send vibrations of healing, growth, abundance, and creative power throughout your sacred space.

Meditate with Gastropods Fossils to ground yourself, then assist you in raising your frequencies.  Place it on your altar and allow its medicine to raise your life force and support you through your evolution. 

This listing is for one shell, measures about 2" in length. 


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