Green Amandine Garnet

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Green Amandine Garnet 

Green amandine garnet, also known as green garnet or demantoid garnet, is a variety of the mineral garnet with a rich green color. It is a calcium iron silicate mineral with the chemical formula Ca3Fe2(SiO4)3. Demantoid garnet gets its name from the Dutch word "demant," meaning diamond, due to its exceptional brilliance and fire.

The green color of amandine garnet is typically caused by the presence of chromium or iron ions in its crystal structure. It forms in metamorphic rocks under high-pressure and high-temperature conditions, often in association with serpentine, diopside, and olivine.

In terms of appearance, green amandine garnet is known for its remarkable brilliance and dispersion, which gives it a fiery appearance similar to diamond. It typically occurs in small crystals or granular aggregates, with a vitreous to resinous luster. The most prized specimens exhibit a vivid green color with excellent clarity and dispersion.

Green amandine garnet is highly valued as a gemstone for its rarity, brilliance, and color. The most significant sources of green garnet include Russia, Italy, Namibia, and Madagascar. It is often faceted into gemstones for use in jewelry, particularly in earrings, pendants, and rings. In addition to its ornamental value, green garnet is also believed to have metaphysical properties, including promoting prosperity, vitality, and emotional balance.


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