Helichrysum 10%

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Helichrysum 10% in Organic Jojoba

Helichrysum italics

 Immortal, Everlasting

Helichrysum oil has a powerful, rich, floral, tea-like scent that comforts, lessens the effect of shock, phobias and improves the flow of energy channels through the body. 

  • Use on areas to promote cell growth, heal scars and skin tissue
  • Boosts the immunity to help keep allergies and infections at bay
  • A general aid to the respiratory system
  • Helpful for headaches and migraines

Colour Signature: Pink
Ingredients: 100% Pure Helichrysum Helichrysum italicum 10% Essential Oil in a base of Jojoba
Crystal Vibration: Morganite
Aroma Accessories: Blends well with Palmarosa, Petitgrain and Rose.

How to use: 

  • Bath: Mix 4-8 drops, 2-3 drops for children, in a carrier oil or dispersant, add to bath salts like Dead Sea Salts or Epsom Salts, bath water or to a hand/foot soak.
  • Hair Care: Add 5-8 drops to 120ml of unscented shampoo & conditioner.
  • Skin Care: Add a several drops to 120ml unscented lotion & body wash.

Important Notes: Possible skin sensitivity, do not use undiluted.

Source: www.colourenergy.com
Disclaimer: Information and statements on this site are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  Information provided does not substitute for professional medical advice and care. Consult your doctor or Aromatherapist before use if prone to seizures, high/low blood pressure, pregnant or nursing. For external use only. Keep away from children, pets and eyes.

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