Honey Calcite

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Honey Calcite

If you are drawn to Calcite, chances are you need calcium in your diet. Picking up a large piece of Calcite will make you feel calm and centred. It’s energies will find those areas in your body that need to release stress and inflammation. The energy of Calcite is great in any gardens, creating abundance. A great manifesting gemstone, Calcite can be used to increase anything that is desired. Honey Calcite increases feelings of self-worth, self-confidence, strength and courage. Assists us to overcome obstacles, it is helpful in times of crisis. Another great gemstone to benefit mental alertness and studies. 

A great healer of bones, and stimulater of the immune system. Improves the energy flow through your body and assist in physical healing. Useful for healing bladder and the kidneys, Honey Calcite can assist any issues related to the female reproductive system.  Use at your bedside, at your workplace, in your living space, and in your garden. Use with Pyrite to manifest. Use with Titanium Aura to boost your psychic abilities, higher consciousness, and astral projection. 

Chakra: Solar Plexus
Zodiac: scorpio
Vibrational Number: 4
Mohs Scale: 3

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