Kheops International

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The hummingbird spirit brings enjoyment of life and freedom of being. Though hummingbirds are small in size, they are capable of amazing acts and traveling extraordinarily long distances. Your hummingbird spirit will help guide you to a joyful life, further your resiliency and lead you to a more playful and optimistic view of life.

Hand Carved Animal made from Dolomite in Peru.

Mesures 1.5"/3.8cm tall. 

Spirit animals have been around for thousands of years. They make the perfect gift, with a special significance. Many consider spirit animals to be teachers, or companions that arrive in the appearance of an animal. They provide medicine to the recipient in the form of guidance, protection, and wisdom. Dolomite is a stone that promotes energy, balance, creativity, the ability to receive, spontaneity, and much more.

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